Advancing Naturopathic Medicine for Wisconsin

Advancing Naturopathic Medicine for Wisconsin


Before I came to the Naturopathic Family Clinic, my health was poor. I was overweight, tired all the time, moody and had severe cramping with my menstrual cycle... My health has drastically improved. I have lost 87 pounds, my energy is coming back, my mood swings are barely noticeable. I'm a much happier and healthier person. Dr. Allison found health issues that the doctors in my area refused to check me for.

I'm very excited about my results and the treatment I have received. Dr. Allison is a wonderful doctor. When someone says that alternative treatments are not the way to go, I tell them to look at me ask my husband how naturopathic medicine has changed my life and made it better for both me and my family. I'm living proof that natural medicine works.

Newton, Wisconsin


Initially, I came in to the Naturopathic Family Clinic for acupuncture treatments for headaches and back pain. In addition to my physical problems, I was tired, concerned about my weight, and my cholesterol was high. My headaches and back pain improved almost immediately. During my first visit Dr. Becker was patient and understanding and gave me hope that I could feel better. She told me about acupuncture and suggested several supplements. She explained each one of them so I was comfortable taking them. Over these past 12 months she was always wonderfully supportive of how I was feeling and talked to me about some changes I would make.

During the past year, I've followed her recommendations and I'm so glad I did! Today, I feel much better physically and I like being in control of my own health and my life. The main improvement is how good I feel emotionally. That awful feeling of being overwhelmed and stretched between all the things I need to do comes very seldom now, and I am usually able to get past it. Dr. Becker has helped me become a person I feel good about and I am so very grateful!

Janesville, Wisconsin