Advancing Naturopathic Medicine for Wisconsin

Advancing Naturopathic Medicine for Wisconsin

About WNDA


Our mission can best be described by who we are: A non-profit organization of community-minded holistic doctors who believe that healthy communities start with healthy families. We are dedicated to bringing natural medicine to Wisconsin families, offering individualized natural therapies which integrate the healing powers of body, mind, and spirit.


To transform the healthcare system from disease management to health promotion by incorporating the principles of naturopathic medicine.


Board of Directors

Robert Coleman, Jr., ND, LMT President
Kerry Colenso Niebrzydowski, ND, MSOM Vice President
Kristi Kiel, ND, PhD Secretary
Dr. Jill Crista Treasurer
Dawn Ley, ND Legislative Liaison
Allison Becker, ND, LAc Legislative Team


Danielle Wojtak Social Media


Contact Information

PO Box 14434
Madison, WI 53708


An Affiliate Member Organization of the AANP, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians